Friday 24 June 2016

shuttle 8: gone birds

A partial listing of the extinct birds of North America, perhaps to be read to the sky, the desert, a salt lake, or the sea ...

Aiolornis incredibilis, Antillean cave rail, Atitlán grebe, Bachman’s warbler, Bahaman barn owl, Bermuda night heron, Brace’s emerald, Californian turkey, Carolina parakeet, Cathartornis gracilis, Chendytes lawi, Cuban red macaw, Daggett’s eagle, Dow’s puffin, Dusky seaside sparrow, Eocypselus rowei, Eskimo curlew, Gould’s emerald, Grand Cayman thrush, Guadeloupe caracara, Guadeloupe parakeet, Guadeloupe parrot, Guadeloupe storm petrel, Gymnogyps amplus, Gymnogyps varonai, Great auk, Heath hen, Imperial woodpecker, Ivory-billed woodpecker, Labrador duck, La Brea stork, Lesser Antillean macaw, Martinique house wren, Martinique parrot, Mauge’s parakeet, Merriam’s teratorn, Puerto Rican obscure bunting, Passenger pigeon, Pavo californicus, Phoenicopterus minutus, Phoenicopterus copei, Saint Croix macaw, San Benedicto rock wren, Semper’s warbler, Slender-billed curlew, Slender-billed grackle, Spectacled cormorant, Teratornis woodburnensis, Woodward’s eagle

Photographs (from top): Atitlán grebe, Eskimo curlew (1962), Ivory-billed woodpecker (1935), Passenger pigeon (1898)

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