Tuesday 17 April 2012


Here are search keywords registered as some of the 60 + hits on this blog thus far today. Together they produce an odd fractured poem that maps something of what's here, it seems - or maybe what's not here, but is desired:

52 graffiti writing
orb mirror
dead of salvatore farruggia sally fruits
man woman fack images
patti smith portrait
political cartoons cold war
richard long > crossing stones
stefano "stevie beef" cannone
astronaut on fire 
akhal teke forelock 
nuclear testing jungle
donald crowhurst 
"sport their oak"
elvis 1969 
blindfold foot 
labanotation hitler
keep doing shit

Hits are from the USA, the UK, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, France and Ireland.

I googled 'orb mirror', to see where that might take me ... then 'cannone' ... and finally, despite myself, I tried 'fack' ...

No idea what to make of this.

Image above: 'spot the orb', by mynameishalo