Wednesday 7 January 2009

dust pencil plate bullet

As Britain freezes (-10 near here last night), and the yak-lined thermals get an airing as the pipes burst, I discover this list in a book about Antarctica:

'As one moves from perimeter to interior, so the proportion of ice relentlessly increases ... higher-order ice forms collectively compose the entire continent: the icebergs - tabular bergs, glacier bergs, ice islands, bergy bits, growlers, brash ice, white ice, blue ice, green ice, dirty ice; the sea ices - ice stalactites, pancake ice, frazil ice, grease ice, congelation ice, infiltration ice, undersea ice, vuggy ice, new ice, old ice, brown ice, rotten ice; the coastal ices - fast ice, shore ice, glacial ice-tongues, ice piedmonts, ice fringes, ice cakes, ice foots, ice walls, ice fronts, floating ice, grounded ice, anchor ice, rime ice, ice ports, ice shelves, ice rises, ice bastions, ice haycocks, ice lobes, ice streams; the mountain ices - glacial ice, valley glaciers, cirque glaciers, piedmont glaciers, ice fjords, ice layers, ice pipes, ice falls, ice folds, ice faults, ice pinnacles, ice lenses, ice aprons, ice fronts, ice slush; the ground ices - ice wedges, ice veins, permafrost; the polar plateau ices - ice sheets, ice caps, ice domes, ice streams, ice divides, ice saddles, ice rumples; the atmospheric ices - ice grains, ice crystals, ice dust, pencil ice, plate ice, bullet ice'.

And I am suddenly warmer ...

Text from Stephen Pyne, The Ice: A Journey to Antarctica, Ballantine Books, 1988, p. 2

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