Tuesday 30 June 2009


At the bus stop in Glastonbury, en route to the first day of the festival. Nobbled by a guy in black leathers waving a can of lager:

Him: Oi. You got any tickets?
Me: No, sorry.

Him: Michael Jackson's dead.

Me: Yeah I know. Sad, isn't it?
Him: Well no, not really. It's not as though it's AC/DC or something, is it?

Photos (from top): posters in Shangri-la; mud in front of Pyramid Stage, Friday - our wellies; toilet graffiti; banners; teepee field from the tower; tents at dusk; Robin Pecknold, Fleet Foxes, on the Pyramid Stage, Friday; the brilliant Rokia Traore; Alela Diane's bass player; Park Stage crowd for 'unannounced' gig by Dead Weather, with Jack White on drums; singalong at Pyramid Stage, Saturday; flags at the Pyramid Stage for Nick Cave, Sunday; Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, 'Bad Seeds' both, Sunday evening; scarey Nick Cave face; Nick Cave bows out at dusk.

For some much better images from Glastonbury, see here
(Thanks for the link, Tyler!)

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